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World’s Most Amazing Museum In Your Hand !

Now you can now have the world’s most amazing museum in your hand. its not iPhone or android app. Instead an enthusiast has collated some of the planet’s most amazing artefacts and presented them in a space small enough to be held in your hand.

The Mini Museum is a personal collection of rare specimens from earth and beyond. Everything in the Mini Museum is authentic, iconic, and labeled.



Each collection is part of a limited edition. This also makes the Mini Museum a unique collectible that is sure to increase in value over time. First Edition Mini Museums regularly sell for 10X the original price on eBay.


The current edition of the Mini Museum has 29 specimens. Details on each specimen are available on our website, but I’ve included the names below.

The mini museum is a portable collection of curiosities where every item is authentic, iconic and labeled. It’s been carefully designed to take you on a journey of learning and exploration.

Hans Fex the man behind all of this told DailyMail he has spent his life collecting things that have caused him wonder. These items range from an ancient palm tree from once-temperate Antarctica to coal from the wreck of the Titanic.

Hans Fex had the idea for the Mini Museum when he was just seven years old. Decades of searching led him to amass an enormous collection of rare and unique specimens. In 2014, the first edition launched on Kickstarter and generated $1.2M in pledges. Tens of thousands of happy lovers of science and history from around the world now have their very own museums that they will be able to share for generations.

Here are a few key ideas they try to communicate when talking about the Mini Museum:

Handcrafted, Craftsmanship

Mini Museums are made by hand. It takes more than a year to produce a single edition of the Mini Museum.


Every item in the Mini Museum is 100% authentic. They’re gathered from around the world, often from scientists and experts directly in the field, but sometimes we purchase items from auctions (ex. Christies, Juliens) or collect items directly ourselves. Every item is acquired in accordance with all laws governing such rare artifacts.

Lasts for Generations

Each Mini Museum is encased in high quality lucite acrylic. They should literally last for many decades, if not generations.

Product Specific Facts:

29-Specimen “Large” Mini Museum – Includes all 29-specimens in the Third Edition. Measures 5″x4″x1″. Price $299 (USD)
12-Specimen “Small” Mini Museum – Includes 12-specimens from the Third Edition collection. Measures 4″x3″x1″. Price $129 (USD)


– Custom Display/Storage Box
– Protective, Custom Microfibre Pouch
– Certificate of Authenticity
– Companion Guide Book

Specimen List

  • SPACE GEMS (4,557,000,000 years old)
  • OLDEST EARTH (4,374,000,000 years old)
  • GREAT OXYGEN EVENT (3,020,000,000 years old)
  • OLDEST RIVER (Finke, 400,000,000 years old)
  • CRINOID (170,000,000 years old)
  • MOSASAUR (Jaw)
  • MEGALODON (Tooth)
  • MOLDAVITE (14,400,000 years old)
  • GIANT SLOTH (Claw)
  • DIRE WOLF (Bone)
  • VIKING AXE (10th Century)
  • SAMURAI SWORD (14th Century)
  • VENICE (14th Century)
  • ROUGH OPAL (Australia)
  • WWII ENIGMA (Rotor)
  • FORDITE (Motor Agate)
  • THE BEATLES (Cavern Club)
  • SR-71 (Blackbird)
  • PELÉ (Soccer ball)
  • CHARLES & DIANA (Royal Wedding Cake)
  • STEVE JOBS (Turtleneck)
  • SPACE STATION MIR (Cosmonaut Food)

The Companion Guide book contains details about all of the specimens in the Mini Museum as well as articles about science, history, and the creation of the Mini Museum itself. It is a full-color, hardbound book with 160-pages.

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