Winter Wear Tips

Winter wear more interesting than summer, scarves, hats, gloves, these accessories can be used, can also be put on the coat full of momentum, but can use hierarchical collocation to show a variety of different styles; even if you are a lazy one, can also use the skills to create simple, neat and fashionable Winter Look.

1.A Statement Coat

Although black and gray is never wrong coat color choices, if you want stand out in a piece of the black raven in winter may wish to change the bright colors coat, a high-profile, more attitude than security card of black and gray  .

2 Color Neutral

Minimalism is one of the strong trends now; the easiest way is to head to toe soft neutral tone, mixed white, and nude color, fresh and temperament of the modern sense of real love.

3  A Standout Scarf

When a simple, elegant, can be a strong sense of visual impact collocation scarf, to light the overall shape, bright colors, or gorgeous patterns, are good choices for a progressive vision.

4 Declaration Sweater

Don’t like too high profile with color, might as well as a pattern or text to do a witty opening, impressive graphics, or the declaration of the text, for the basic models to not to bring the fun of the sweater.

Have you mastered the skill? So hurry to the pick your mix.

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  • I think younger women have an easier time accepting this look – I like it, and it would be a great weekend look, especially for running errands. I don’t tend to wear tennis shoes often either, they make me feel underdressed or something. My 25 year old daughter has been wearing this kind of look for a few years and I always questioned her about it…it’s a mom thing :).
    I believe we are living in a time of constant persecution – especially for Christians. We are – or at least I feel I am – viewed as old fashioned, or out of touch when I voice my opinion about some of the nastiness I see, especially on social media. I wasn’t raised to be or to speak ugly to someone just because my beliefs or thoughts were different. We live in a different world now I suppose.