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Things To Know About Domain Names

Things to Know about Domain Names

When business owners encounter domain name sellers like Brandbucket, Novanym and Brandbucket, they sometimes wonder whether the available inventory has enough great names left. Maybe, so the thinking goes, all the good names have been taken. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Busting Domain Name Myths

The richness of the English language, for one thing, is a pretty solid guarantee that there will always be millions of appropriate, effective domain names for any company that needs one. Brandbucket might be one of the biggest domain name sellers in the industry, but there are plenty of others who possess extensive lists of suitable names for every conceivable market niche.

One of the biggest myths about domain names has to do with the desirability of having a “dot com,” “dot net,” or “dot org” ending. In the U.S., there are more sites that end with “.com” than anything else but for search result purposes, it really makes no difference. The coms, nets and orgs all have the same sway with Google, which is why so many business owners find a perfect name and then register it under all three variants.

The Best Domain Names

For business owners, the wisest approach is to find the most fitting, compelling domain name based upon their particular company mission, product, service and market niche. Spending time on this crucial step is of the utmost importance and can have a lasting effect on the long-term success of a company. Large sellers like Brandbucket and others usually arrange their name inventories according to business type, price or other factors so that anyone can easily browse through lists of available names.

Characteristics of Effective Names

A domain name is sometimes the first thing a consumer encounters when shopping for products online. That’s why memorable names that are short and easy to spell are so valuable. Key words that are associated with certain products tend to be some of the most effective names.

Simple, easily-spelled names that roll off the tongue obviously have an advantage over complicated names that are hard to say or recall. Brandbucket, Nameperfection and Novanym are just three of many sellers in the domain name market. Their collective inventories contain millions of suitable choices for companies that want to build brand identity quickly and permanently.

Prices Vary

Just like the automotive or real estate market, domain names vary widely in price. Keyword-based names that are short, easy to remember, and culturally identified with a product or service are usually more costly than others. But there are lots of bargains too, at Brandbucket and elsewhere, as careful car shoppers and house hunters learn when they set out to acquire an automobile or a new home.

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