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The Life of An Entrepreneur

The title “lifestyle entrepreneur” is given to anyone who starts a business not for financial gains but for lifestyle rewards. The biggest motivation for all lifestyle entrepreneurs is an overwhelming desire for independence. They dream of working for themselves, and running a business that is in tune with their lifestyle. Therefore, practically anyone with an independent bent of mind can take up lifestyle entrepreneurship.

We have taken 4 entrepreneurs from billionaires club  to see how they are living the dream. Usman Hanif lives his life doing what he loves and according to him Entrepreneurs never settle, they move from project to project, always challenging our perceptions and raising the bar. To learn more about him visit his website:

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Christopher Lourdes from Australia who is also living that entrepreneurial lifestyle in Miami.

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Rick De La Croix Management of a luxury brand building and distributions in the Americas since 2004 ,

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And lastly, Erick the owner of exclusive clubs,

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It is clear that being an entrepreneur means to have an insatiable thirst for learning, evolving and creating. There is simply no one end goal. “Lifestyle entrepreneurs are people who go into business primarily for lifestyle reasons, as opposed to a desire for financial wealth. They become business owners so they can do the kind of work they want, work the hours they want, live where they want, and spend time with people they like and admire. Lifestyle entrepreneurs judge their success by how much they enjoy their work and their lives as a whole, rather than by their status or their net worth.”

They just want to be able to live their life doing what they love and being able to support themselves and their family as well. They are finding much happiness doing what they love to do. Can you imagine waking up every morning and going to work doing something that you absolutely love? How do you think you would feel waking up? Probably much happier. You most likely want to throw your alarm clock through the wall every morning when that very annoying buzzing sound is blasting in your ear.

There is one important thing that you will need to do before you jump right into this headfirst. You will need to make sure that you research any market that you are entering in and be sure that there is actually money in it. This is the downfall of many people. They think that they will make tons of money and be a huge success but there is just not anybody there to buy what they are selling. So research, dedication, and hard work are the key to making a wonderful life as a lifestyle entrepreneur.

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