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Sup App: Making Social Media More Social

Picture this: you’ve traveled to a new city for work, and it’s the end of a long day of meetings. You want to grab dinner with friends, but you don’t know who’s around. So, you head back to your hotel, order some room service, and watch the news until you fall asleep.

Sound familiar? It certainly does for Rich Pleeth, founder of the “Sup App”. Rich has a long roster of professional experiences at companies like L’Oreal, GetTaxi, and Google. He worked as a marketing executive, and to say he traveled a lot would be putting it lightly.

Pleeth was tired of checking in on Facebook, only to be contacted too late, after he already ate dinner or had flown to the next city. He wanted a more efficient way to know if any friends were around. So he got together with his colleagues Robin Gadsby and Alan Fayolle and created Sup.

Sup is different from other apps like Find My Friends, because it only shows a friend’s distance from you, rather than their exact location on a map. Sup seeks to promote social interactions in real life – it’ll alert you when a friend is nearby, and offer you the option to chat with them to meet up. “We’re making social media social,” Pleeth explained. “But by not using maps, we’ve removed the creep factor, as you can’t stalk people, you can just see if they’re nearby.”

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Pleeth is on a mission to make sure people never miss out on a chance to meet up with their friends. “Magic happens when you’re with you’re friends,” he explained. In fact, that’s how he came up with Sup in the first place: over a few drinks with his co-Founders, Gadsby and Fayolle. And with more people joining the app every day, it’s likely more interactions will occur…maybe the next big startup will be born out of a Sup meet up.

Download Sup for free on iOS, and meet up with your friends more often:

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