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Snap Stream: The Ultimate App

Tired of switching between apps? Is your social life divided between different apps? How great would it be if you could have all the features of every social media app in one app, right? All of this is possible with the new app in town called Snap Stream. Snap Stream is the ultimate app and the combination of all features offered by Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and many more. From sending timed private photos to editing them, Snap Stream has it all! It will be launching very soon, like Snap Stream on their Facebook page at: to see updates of when it will be launching and any other apps we create! Finally, you can be picked as one of the selected few to receive our app first and beta test it! We will also be holding regular contest so be sure to come check it out; prizes include but are not limited to Xbox one’s, Go Pro’s, iPhone 6s and much more, make sure to drop a like!

App Description:

Snap Stream is a new and innovative app which lets you enjoy all the features offered by different social networking apps. Snap stream is the ultimate app which can save a lot of time that you spend, switching between apps. You can send and receive the same photos as in other social networking apps with Snap Stream. Snap Stream gives you the opportunity to keep your social life in one place. It offers several features which can include uploading photos and editing them. Snap Stream has outrun all other costly apps in the market with its efficient and high-quality photo editing features. Above all, Snap Stream meets the storage capacity of almost all the smartphones. In other words, Snap Stream consumes lesser space and gives better and more features compared to all other social networking platforms combined in the app market. Be ready to check it out soon when it launches for now like us at: to see daily updates.


  • Add posts and check-in at different locations.
  • Explore by category and find anyone in the world
  • Put up relationship statuses and change them whenever you want.
  • Share your personal information with the world!
  • Post pictures with your favorite captions.
  • Use special photo editing features that replace costly
  • Follow different people and pages.
  • Support a cause or a specific day and be a part of the Snap Stream world.
  • Use high-quality photo editing feature with several built-in filters pop color effects, add emoticons and hundreds more.
  • Post and edit videos
  • Send and receive timed private pictures.
  • Send and receive public picture to your feed.
  • Write journals and save the moments as they pass.
  • Check your statistics and progress and have the ultimate social networking experience!
  • You can add and connect with people all over the world.
  • Post to other sites
  • Thousands of more features to come!

About us:

The CEO, Co-developer, and Co-designer of this app, is a brilliant 14-year-old kid named Paras Arora. Paras Arora developed this app for people who like to engage with the world. He understood the time people wasted switching between app. For this reason, Paras started designing this app by coding and designing for people for money to make this app come to life. Based in Silicon Valley, this young kid, designed this app for the social enthusiasts. Tej Seth who has been hired for making ideas for different apps is working with Paras Arora on various other apps and websites. We hope to see many brilliant innovations from these two in the future.

Bottom Line:

Snap Stream is time-efficient app which lets you enjoy all the features of all the different social networking apps. Snap Stream is a new innovation and can help you save your storage capacity and enjoy the same social experience as before and much more. If you’re looking to have thousands of awesome social media app features in one place, Snap Stream is your pick! So check us out at: to see updates of when it will be launching and any other apps we create!

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