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PULL UP A SEAT Launch a Social Media Network Platform for People to Access Real Home-Cooked Meal

PULL UP A SEAT Launch a Social Media Network Platform for People to Access Real Home-Cooked Meal
PULL UP A SEAT Launch a Social Media Network Platform for People to Access Real Home-Cooked Meal

City. State – August 10, 2017: Twenty-Five-year-old iOS developer and entrepreneur, Camille Baker from Orlando, Florida is thrilled to announce the launch of her app and platform called PULL UP A SEAT. Pull Up A seat is a community marketplace that has been specifically created to allow you to find on-demand home cooking for anyone, by anyone (your Airbnb/Uber of Food), while also being able to create your content like any other social media.

PULL UP A SEAT platform is a dedicated community marketplace for foodies who love to show off their delicious meals, authentic recipes, and to those that may want to sell it too. The app provides the ability to network within this platform with other foodies and social influences right from PULL UP A SEAT. They currently only in Orlando, FL; Springfield, MO; Miami, Florida, with the strategy to grow throughout the South and Midwest where home cooking would do best.

PULL UP A SEAT has been featured in Black Enterprise, Orlando Sentinel, FOX NEWS, ABC NEWS and also been developing their presence on all of PULL UP A SEAT social media platforms with some incredible opportunities in work. They were recently exhibited at SXSW 2017. With this achievement, PULL UP A SEAT has also been chosen to participate in the SXSW Startup Spotlight.

“Food and Community go hand-in-hand. We are here at, PULL UP A SEAT, pride ourselves on building the ultimate community marketplace for home cooking. We want users to build trust in us to be the central place for you to find, sell, and share home cooking for anyone with anyone.” Said Camille Baker, Founder of Pull Up A Seat.

“We all love what you’re doing, and as a growing start-up, we would like to align ourselves with your brand.  We feel that you have an audience that would love home cooking, and a dedicated SOCIAL platform for all their foodie needs!” Said Camille Baker.

The social media networks have been confirmed to take cooking far beyond the kitchen. With PULL UP A SEAT, users will be able to connect with thousands of individuals in their city whenever and wherever they are. This social media platform will expand foodie’s horizons and the ability to share their cooking with all those around them.

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PULL UP A SEAT is a community marketplace for social dining and all it takes is for you to PULL UP A SEAT of your own to help this growing startup achieve its vision. The platform is all about you and your foodie needs. They understand those late night cravings, early morning starts, and midday hunger attacks, and this has made geared them towards building people to cook 24/7 in your city, as close to you as next door sometimes, ready to satisfy your cravings.

Their service helps users to become business owners without all the hustle and bustle of trying to get out into the public eye all on your own. If you’re a foodie who is always on the lookout for food, Pull UP A Seat pride themselves on bringing a wide array of cuisine choices, cheaper offerings, and availability 24/7.

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