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LetzwApp – New App in Market, This is Innovative and Everyone Would Need it!

Just as we have come so far technologically in various areas, problems that so many people have faced in the past with cell phone convenience have finally found a solution.

In this article, we are examining a nearly six-month-old application for both Android and Apple phones called, LetzwApp (phonetic pronunciation, Let’s Swap), which is available in both the Google Play and Appstore (iTunes) stores for all cell phones, regardless of cell phone carrier. Why such an interest in this application? Simple. Have you ever come across a situation where your cell phone is dying, you’re out and don’t have your charger with you – perhaps you are at a friend or relative’s home and wish your contacts had the other number to contact you? Or, perhaps you are looking to change cell phone carriers but dread the ordeal of having to go through every single contact and either send a mass text, mass e-mail or make a million calls to notify each of them of a new number? Or, maybe, do you have ex’s or other individuals you wish could just lose your number? Letzwapp (Let’s Swap) is a unique, concept application that solves a few major pain points in the Telecommunications Industry sector. How?

Before we answer the question of ‘how’, let’s look at life before Letzwapp. Prior to this new application, cell phone users had no way to change their contact number with all of their contacts on an individual basis. Instead, they had to go through the time-consuming ordeal of contacting everyone either by text, e-mail or a phone call. Unwanted callers and phone calls were just ignored but, nonetheless, proved to be annoying to the individual on the receiving end, day in and day out.

So, how does it work? LetzwApp automatically updates a new phone number directly in each contact’s phone book, by replacing the old number with a new number. This can be done again and again. If you are at your sister’s house and are waiting for a few important phone calls but you have poor signal or your battery is low, just go through LetzwApp and change your number to reflect your sister’s number or another number in your contact list. Once you’re done with the important calls, go back through the LetzwApp application, and change your number back again. Perhaps you are at home with poor signal or low battery, using Letzwapp you can easily switch to your landline number and then switch back when your phone has better signal and battery. Trying to elude unwanted callers? Assign a dummy number to those contacts. The ability to change your contact number automatically in each of your contact’s phones comes in helpful in numerous scenarios – such as during times of poor cell phone signal/strength, low cell phone battery, long distance travel, etc – again and again. This app allows callers to stay in touch with one another, no matter what, around the clock and never miss a call.

If you google the Letzwapp application, you will find a handful of YouTube videos on the app and a few review articles. If you peruse to the Google Play store on your Android phone (as I did) or to the iTunes (App) store on your iPhone, you will notice that the app is rated at an impressive 4.9 stars! Why? Simple. Consumers that have taken a chance with this application find it not only innovative but quite helpful and convenient. It is clearly one more step in making life easier. If you flip through the reviews in the Google Play store or the iTunes store, you will find that nearly every single review is a stellar example of how useful and helpful this app really is for cell phone users.

The company is focusing to change the smartphone usage of this tech world by use of an application with a 2-month free trial. Now, who is behind this innovative brand and app?

Now, who’s the Inventor for this Invention Mobile App?
The founder of Letzwapp Communications, Inc. Portland, OR, USA is Sriram Varadhan. Sriram is an entrepreneur, holds a BS in Engineering from Madurai Kamaraj University, and earned Strategic Management from Michigan State University – Broad College of Business. Sriram is an IT specialist who started his own company. Through his company, Sriram comes up with ideas of innovative apps that solves global pain points in Telecommunication and Media sector. He has a utility patent pending for Letzwapp.

For more information, check out the app yourself in either the Google Play store or the App store. The company’s address is

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