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How to Spot Liars on Dating Sites

How to Spot Liars on Dating Sites , Looking for the love of your life is not an easy thing to find. Dating sites can be a great way for you to find someone that you have a real connection with. The tricky part is making sure that you are forging a relationship with a real person. It is easy for someone to lie online. This means that is you are going to look for love online, you need to be able to spot a liar. There are more than a few clues that you do jot want to miss out on when you are determining if someone is being truthful online.

Here are some of the best ways to tell if your online date is a liar:


One of the things that you want to know for sure is if your online date is in fact married. Just because they are wearing a ring and acting like a single, this  not mean that they are not married. Being able to tell if your online date is lying about being married is not easy, but you can conduct a simple search online. You can check to see if they have ever filed for divorce. This is public record and getting access to these records will only cost you a few bucks. Your peace of mind is definitely worth it. Doing a little investigating online is the way to go when you want to be sure that your online date is really single.


Age is normally a lot more than just a number. If you want to be bale to tell of your online date is lying about their age, you might have to deal a little digging. Age is not something that should really matter to you when you are dating online, but it is a red flag is someone is lying about their age. A person that is lying about their age might have a lot more to hide. This means that you should look at their I’D or try to find another at to know for sure what their real age is. Knowing your online dates real age is important if you are going to have a real relationship. If they did lie about their age on their fake dating profile, they should tell you the truth before things get too serious.

Online dating can be fun and a great way to set a partner, but you need to know how to spot a liar.

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