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How to Download Free Articles From Paid Sources

How to Download Free Articles From Paid Sources? Yes, sometimes Working on a research and finding more references may get very difficult and sometimes you find it very expensive to buy. As a PhD student, I struggle because I don’t have enough money to buy more than 20 articles, it’s costly, so I searched for a way to read those articles for free. With an extensive search I found a way to download any article for free. I am not encouraging piracy, but I am a big fan of Free education for all. So let’s begin.

First : we go to any website we want to download the article from and here i listed some : 

For example we choose this

and we search for  : “privacy in social networks”

Searching for  : privacy in social networks 
Searching for  : privacy in social networks

after that we select the paper that we want to download , and copy the link (URL) of that paper .

Copy the URL of the paper

After that .we go to this website 

Paste the URL or search for the keywords

paste the link and click enter so the website will prepare it for you to download

Your article is ready to view or download

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Nader Alkeinay

Nader Alkeinay

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