Essex TV Aims For ‘Full On’ Entertainment Slate

Channel bosses of new local channel Essex TV are reportedly aiming for a slate of ‘full on’ entertainment programs to vary through their genre but one thing they will share in common is the ability to entertainment viewers and make them feel relaxed, the plans revealed as new content manager Jay Connor was given the nod to fill the channel with content.

The Chelmsford based channel which launched in April 2016 has wasted no time in establishing itself within young audiences and those that have a passion of entertainment and reality programming which is a core part of the channels offering. The channel has also benefitted from covering a wide array of local events including the Miss Motors pageant, The South East Entertainment Awards plus Celeb FC’s latest charity football match.

Creative Director Alin Stacescu was quoted as saying ‘its an exciting time for us as we can be creatively free and serve the people of Essex’. Stacescu has been praised for his creative genius behind the channel which has allowed the local channel to make their presence known further afield around the UK.

Content creators and producers with ideas or scripts for entertainment programming are being asked to contact the channel. More details available via www.essex-tv.co.uk

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