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Breanna Baker Stars in Annette Prieto’s “A Little Heart”

After touring the US with the Sacramento Mandarins, photographing celebrities such as Chelsie Hill and Shelby Wulfert, and being featured on the Paiste Wall of Fame at the 2013 NAMM show… who would be better other than Breanna Baker to star as the role of Gabby, a young aspiring photographer who reconnects with her past love of playing Marimba in Annette Prieto’s new film “A Little Heart”.


Prieto’s heart warming percussion and photography masterpiece were illustrated beautifully by Breanna Baker who was basically born to play the role of Gabby. What do you think… Did Annette pick the right actress? Does Breanna Baker nail the role of Gabby? In our opinion, to answer both questions, she totally did.

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  • They need to get this film out to festivals right away. The photography and the “heart” of “A Little Heart” are mere perfection. So good to see it all come together.

  • The artwork on the movie poster is great. Simple, yet highly intimate. I feel like we’re getting a peek into Annette and Breanna’s world!

    – Misty

  • I don’t know everything about Annette’s work, but I feel like she is someone who really gets the heart of what filmmaking is all about. Wonderful job in these scenes!

  • Annette really speaks my language as a filmmaker. There’s an intimacy and attention to detail that I haven’t seen captured on screen for a LONG time.

  • It’s really bold of Annette to pick someone like Breanna and to work under the time crunch that she did. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about A Little Heart. Can’t wait to see her next project.