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Boris Vucen to Launch Online Seminar in March

Boris Vucen to Launch Online Seminar in March

Boris Vucen, a personal trainer from Etobicoke, Ontario is hosting an online fitness seminar to teach people calisthenics in March. The fitness instructor also hosted a bootcamp on May 10th, 2017 at Centennial Park, teaching his students how to increase their endurance and improve their cardiovascular health.

Vucen has been credited with helping his clients lose an average of 9.4lbs in 30 days and 6.3 inches from their waistlines.

“It has always been a dream of mine to launch a real fitness program and help people all over the world,” says Vucen.

Vucen is planning on launching his own websites so his clients can take lessons from him online from anywhere in the world.

“I’m living the dream and I feel motivated to get up every morning, knowing I’m helping people improve their lives.”

Vucen says the first step to living a healthier and happier life is to have a fitness mentor. He hopes to be a fitness mentor to people who are struggling to shed a few extra pounds or to others with much larger aspirations.

“I want to help everybody from the everyday person to the athlete,” says Vucen.

Vucen says that he hopes to improve his training results from last year by by providing more feedback and guidance.

“The more feedback and information you give people, the more they have to work with,” says Vucen.

“I want to make sure people are on the right track and never lose motivation.”

Vucen says he is always available to answer questions and provide support for his

“I think it’s important to keep in contact with the people you’re training so they never feel
like they’re on the fitness journey alone,” says Vucen.

For more information about Vucen’s personal training sessions and bootcamps, you can
contact him at

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