Best California Location To Buy A Home & Retire

Best California location to buy a home & retire
Best California location to buy a home & retire

California has several great cities and towns where you can spend your sunset years in peace. Everyone’s preference is different due to income range and life style but here are some of the places we thought should be on your radar as potential best places to retire in California.

  • Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks is one of the safest areas in California. Residents in this area also have a sense of community. The area hosts people from a variety of backgrounds and has a vibrant education system. Despite the cost of living being a little higher than many other areas in California, the place has all the essential amenities and lots of fresh food supplies.

  • Montecito California

Now if retiring in to a luxury home and lifestyle is more your taste then you may want to look at Santa Barbara’s Montecito community. This charming city on the Pacific is located 85 miles from Los Angeles. The city has preserved much of its heritage since the Spanish Mission many centuries back. However, it retains the image and quality services of a modern city. When you move to Santa Barbara, you will learn that they have numerous laws in place to keep it a nice retreat such as not being allowed to put up billboards or make large signs or the elimination of vacation rentals and short term rentals. Santa Barbara real estate ranges from medium to luxurious. Take for example the latest listing from Keller Williams Luxury Homes of Montecito California. With one of the best real estate videos we’ve seen in sometime you can get a real grasp of what is offered in the Montecito real estate market and the style of Montecito homes. Therefore, it can accommodate both average and high-end retirees.

  • Carlsbad

Despite being a large city, Carlsbad feels like a small town. It has wonderful schools, modern restaurants, and many resources. There are miles of beach, trails, and several fitness studios. Carlsbad is a perfect retirement location for anyone that is seeking an active lifestyle.  Now between Carlsbad and Santa Barbara it is a tough choice if you are dreaming big. But expect to be spending over a million dollars no matter which you choose, though the occasional deal can come up. We recommend staying tuned to both national sites like & local websites like because both can have different homes listed for sale that may not be listed on the other.

  • Modoc

 Modoc is situated in the northern part of California. It is the least populated county in California. It also has a lower cost of living index as compared to the other parts of California. Moreover, it has a great landscape that comprises of a huge volcano, Medicine Lake Highlands, lakes, rivers, hot springs, and forests. It is a good retirement destination for people who love outdoor adventure.

  • Kern

Kern County is located in the Central Valley. It is mostly specialized in agriculture and extraction of petroleum products. Life in Kern is laidback, and the town in the county experiences little crowding, jams, and pollution. The cost of living in this county is below the national average while the crime index is over 60 percent. It is a good place to live for those who yearn for a quiet retirement away from the noise and pollution in the cities. Kern County has become a hot spot for investors of the years as well. So many investors may choose this as a good place to retire in order to be able to invest in real estate in their own backyard. You may want to keep an eye on for any deals that may come up.

There are a number of great places to retire in California. There are places to settle, enjoy great outdoors and stay active in your sunset days. Therefore, if you are looking for a place to settle after you have retired, consider California as one of your possible retirement destinations.


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