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Being An Entrepreneur Is Not Easy !

Are you a risk taker and willing to go far from unusual and routine? If yes, then this article will help to understand what you need and what you can accomplish.

 According to the University of Pretoria, entrepreneurship is “Any person, who identifies an opportunity in the market, gathers resources, creates and grows a business venture to meet these needs. He or she bears the risk of the venture and is rewarded with profit if it succeeds” so being an entrepreneur is not easy as in the same time it’s not difficult if you are not a quitter. In order to succeed, entrepreneurs must have, or they must develop, very specific characteristics;Like self confidence, self motivated and hard working.

Some entrepreneurial characteristics reflect your personality and your way of thinking and behaving. In other words, you are born with them. But keep in mind that personal characteristics are rarely permanent. Individuals change and grow with many different influences, including how our own environment, culture, education, interests, etc., impact us. You may certainly think that you have different characteristics now than when you were a teenager, for example. Other characteristics are definitely learnable. You may already have many characteristics that are necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. You may also want to strengthen the characteristics that you feel you are weak in, and there may be other characteristics that you know you will never develop.

Keep exploring your entrepreneurial characteristics everyday and be open to suggestion on the other hand start with believing that becoming an entrepreneur is absolutely possible and nothing is impossible. Whether you have a great idea for a small business or you are already running your own small business you need to invest more into yourself, because from my experience, investors don’t care how good is your idea or business , they only care and invest in YOU and of course your sells pitching . If you have that ability and they can see the true potential in you, then you are in the right track, you need to keep going and never ever give up.

People will start questioning Why entrepreneurship? Why this headache when I can work for someone else and get a salary without taking so much work and thinking? Well who said entrepreneurship is easy. But let’s talk about why entrepreneurship:

  • You will have a complete freedom of choice in all aspects of the business. You can select the business location, employees, customer service philosophy, etc. (Being your own boss)
  • A start up business can start fresh without having to follow old practices.
  • You may not need a lot of capital investment.
  • Being your own boss can give self-satisfaction and can also help you develop leadership skills and obtain recognition in your community

On the other hand, are you willing to do what it takes to face the big challenge? because:

  • Starting your own business takes time, effort, energy and requires a lot of hard work.
  • It takes time to establish a new business in the marketplace. Finding clients takes time and effort, as does developing your own niche of operation.
  • Starting a new business is ‘risky businesses. You must be ready to face the potential risks, financial and otherwise.

So, what are you waiting for either to let your idea see the light and be your own boss or someone else will take it and you will be serving under them for the rest of your life. Decide now before it’s too late.

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Nader Alkeinay

Nader Alkeinay

CEO and founder of ,, and some other projects a PhD Student at USIM , Graduated from Coventry University (INTI University) with a bachelor in software engineering and master in management Information system.

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