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5 Keys to a Kick-Ass Instagram Marketing

Having all these keys in place, before you start posting your awesome pics and selfies from your shop, will ensure you don’t miss out on possible leads being added to your funnel and will help you make progress, even when you don’t feel like you’re making any

Key #1: Create a Freebie Giving Away

what you give away will depend on your business model. But here are a couple of things that have worked really well:
Coupon (or discounts)
– Video series
– Special Report
– Cheat Sheet
– Insider Guide
– Resource List”

Key #2: Create a Way To Collect Email Addresses

You didn’t think you were gonna just give that stuff away for FREE for no reason. No, you’ll be exchanging that coupon or cheat sheet guide for the most valuable thing a consumer can give you their email. Far more valuable than a “Facebook like” or “Instagram follow” any day.which afterward you will use those emails to create your own database.

Key #3: Sell  On Your Email Subscriber Thank You Page

Here is another BIG mistake marketers make. They go to the trouble of signing somebody up to their email list and then neglect to offer them something to BUY right on the “Thank You” page.

Key #4:Install Facebook and Google “retargeting” code ”

That includes opt-in and thank you pages. If you don’t know how to do this, just hire somebody to do it. (Setting up “retargeting” campaigns based on Instagram visitors is like “found” money”

Key #5:Share a Good Content

Content is very important especially in Instagram to attract your audience to your page and remember that you are in a competition aginst hundreds of thousands of pictures been posted at the same time as your photo , so make it stand out and win the competition

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